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Fine Art Photography: Portmanteau Project

Architecture Photographer – Analogue Photographer and Darkroom Practitioner

The exploration within the architecture of the University of Northampton: Park Campus, capturing the characteristic and nature of each individual building textures and details with the canon a1 (35mm camera).

The expression of feelings to capture the individual character of the buildings to represent not just the notion of change, but also the disappearance of the buildings in the future which is being demolish, removing the history and pass of the University nourishing history of grown from the 1970s and onwards.

As a student who live at Park Campus within the First Year of studying at the University, the character of the place help grows my own character, gaining confident and personality towards myself not just as a photographer but as a person, becoming more social-able, friendlier and approachable also shinnying within my own photography work, looking for different perspectives and creativity through the influences of photography.

Presenting the notion of change from then and now, feeling similar to the notion of how I feel towards the change within my hometown of Milton Keynes. Which concededly changes every time I leave to study, I come back to a different town each time, changing not just the shops and areas but also the location which I grew in becoming alienated to what it has become and how society is affect overall.

The Wall of Northampton.jpg
Surreal Leaves and Stem.jpg
Laddering Brick Pathway.jpg
Chromatic Arches.jpg
Opposite of Shades.jpg
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